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AREMT announces new Insurance Broker & Exclusive Program

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AREMT Exclusive Indemnity Insurance Program

Have you heard? AREMT Registration is more valuable than ever before!


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What’s changed?

As a registered professional with the AREMT, you now have access to comprehensive Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. The AREMT policy has been designed to meet the needs to Emergency Medical Technicians in Australia.

 Professional Indemnity Insurance

 What is it? Why do I need it? & More

 As an Emergency Medical Technician, it’s vital that you are protected.

 AREMT has appointed BMS as our insurance broker. BMS is a specialist insurance broker that provides coverage and additional, value-added services to more than 350,000 healthcare and regulated professionals across Australia and Canada.

 Professional indemnity insurance plays an important role in your protection from the risk of legal claims, covering your defence costs and the costs of a settlement award if you are found to be negligent or to have breached your duty of care in your professional capacity as an EMT.

 Registered Professionals who participate in the insurance program will also have access to a dedicated pro bono legal service with Lander & Rogers, one of Australia’s leading law firms, specialising in Allied Health Insurance claims.  If a member receives a notification or claim made against them, they can receive 30 minutes of free, confidential advice with a senior lawyer.

 What insurance do I have access to as a member of the AREMT?

 The Key Features are:

 Access to Professional Indemnity up to $10,000,000 and Public Liability up to $20,000,00 – you can choose a limit that suits your needs

  • $50,000 of cover to protect against reputational harm in the event of a claim
  • $50,000 of cover to defend against allegations relating to breach of trademark or copyright
  • $50,000 of cover to defend allegations of dishonest acts
  • Covers you for any past activities, that you were not aware of before joining the AREMT insurance program, that come to light during the current period of insurance (provided you had a previous insurance policy in place)
  • If you stop practicing in this profession, you have access to on-going cover (to protect you in retirement from past activities undertaken)

What do I need to be aware of?

 The AREMT policy is ‘claims made’, as is the case with most Professional Indemnity policies. This means your current policy will be the one to respond to a claim made against you, even if the ‘incident’ occurred in the past, as long as you’ve had continuous cover in place. An important aspect of a ‘claims made’ insurance policy is that incidents must be reported immediately once they become known. There may be a general tendency for people to avoid reporting incidents to their insurer, however, there are no penalties incurred for claims or notifications. You may, however, jeopardise your cover by not reporting incidents when you become aware. When you report an incident you benefit from our support in managing the incident and also meet the obligations of your policy. For more information, contact BMS on 1800 914 796.


Common Questions

 Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If an incident occurs where it’s claimed you have breached your professional duty to a patient you could be responsible for paying a range of costs, including legal defence and a potential pay out. Professional Indemnity insurance provides protection for members for such claims, including where a patient is physically or mentally injured as a result of a member’s treatment and/or service.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

If a patient physically injures themselves or suffers property damage during their course of business with you, you could be liable to pay for costs including legal defence and potentially a financial settlement.  Public Liability responds to claims of bodily injury or property damage that you are alleged to have been negligent in causing.

What happens if an incident occurs?

Contact a member of the BMS team on 1800 914 796 or at as soon as practically possible when you become aware of a matter or issue that may be a claim or give rise to a claim. This can be a direct and obvious claim or a complaint made against you.

What does ‘Claims made’ mean?

This means that the policy in place today is the policy that will respond to a claim, even if this incident occurred in the past, as long as you have had continual coverage in place.

What is run off cover?

The AREMT policy also includes run-off cover for professionals registered with the AREMT who have had 48 months (4 years) of continuous coverage through the AREMT Insurance Program, meaning members are covered for any claim that may arise, even after they cease practicing. For all other members, run off cover is available and an additional premium may apply.

Who is BMS?

BMS is specialist insurance broker, built around teams of experts in direct, wholesale and reinsurance across 14 global offices. BMS™ dedicated Affinity teams in Melbourne and Ottawa provide coverage for more than 350,000 healthcare and regulated professionals globally. For more information, visit and

Can BMS assist with my other insurance needs?

BMS provides business-related insurance coverage to a significant number of regulated and healthcare related professionals across Canada and Australia and are well equipped to assist with your business insurance requirements including cover for personal accident or injury.

If you have any insurance-related questions, please contact BMS on 1800 914 796 or at


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