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  • Why should I register with AREMT?

In trying to have a unified system of tracking and recording nationally and Internationally trained EMTs, comparable to the US NREMT system, this will lift the level of recognition of EMTs in the country and gain you recognition with International EMS organizations and other registry agencies. We have begun negotiations with offshore EMS services and other paramedicine services, to be able to also use AREMT as an international registry base for particularly Australia, South Pacific, South East Asia, Asia and also UK applicants.

  • What are the minimum requirements for registration?

All applicants will be assessed on their suitability for registration based upon completion of their emergency medical technician training according to their respective regions and nation according to reciprocation guidelines. AREMT guidelines will be provided for all levels of EMT registration.

  • How do I apply for registration?

Contact us by email or to our local Exam Coordinators who will supply registry application form which needs to be completed and returned to the AREMT. Once received you will need to complete an AREMT EMT level assessment test, which will be arranged at a convenient location for you,or you will be contacted by your local Exam Coordinator to sit for the assessment. Practical elements may be completed with your initial training course of which evidence will need to be supported with the assessment, otherwise a practical assessment will also be conducted by your regional assessor.

  • What are CEUs?

CEUs are Continuing Education Credits for your level of EMS training, of which sites we will post as approved CEU Credit Institutions, which will go towards your ongoing annual assessment and refresher training.

  • How do I become an AREMT Assessment Coordinator?

Assessment Coordinators must have as a minimum Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and associated EMS training, i.e.: EMT, Nursing, Paramedics, Doctors… or other allied health qualifications equal to emergency care training. Please contact AREMT for RPL of these qualifications.