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Emergency Medical Services Consultant Middle East, Africa and Asia  

Ahed Al Najjar – Global EMS Board of Directors – MEA & Republic of Indonesia


AREMT has a medical advisory and governance board

 AREMT Medical Advisory Board


 Australasian Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians

This committee shall provide advice and guidance to the Board on all aspects of AREMT’s education program, including

•Reviewing all policies governing AREMT’s education programs, and recommending modifications, as needed, to support the achievement of AREMT’s education mission outside Australia;

•Overseeing the promote of AREMT education courses including the network of education coordinators in the Middle East, Africa and Asia;

•Reviewing and suggesting appropriate action to address course site or faculty issues, as needed.

•Monitoring requirements and trends in EMS education, certification, re-certification, and standards to ensure that AREMT education is in compliance with all requirements and meets the continuing education needs of EMS practitioners;

•Recommending the development of new courses or course content, as needed;

•Overseeing applications or renewals of education program accreditation.

EMS Education, Quality & Audit Committee, EMS OPS Committee, EMS Disaster Committee, EMS Occupational / Environmental / Safety / Public Health Committee, Trauma Committee, EMS Simulation Committee and Research Committee

Region 1 Region 2
  • Dr. Ehtesham Shariff, MD, EMS Faculty
  • Dr. Amer Al Saad, EMS Faculty
  • Michael G Krtek, NAEMTP, EMS Faculty
  • Dr. Abdulsalam Parakkal, MD EMS Faculty 
  • Dr.Charles A Villanueva, RN, EMTB, EMS Faculty
  • Firas Al Dakak, Paramedic, Emergency & Public Safety
  • Dr. Sikander Ali Shaikh, MD, EMS Faculty
  • Hazem Fanash, RN, EMS Faculty
  • Dr.Marwan Abuhammoudeh, BSc, MSc, Associate Professor
Region 3 Region 4
  • Dr. Mohammed Alsufi Sami, MD, EMS Faculty 
  • Dr. Majed Aljohani, MD Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Nnamdi Nwauwa, Emergency medicine, Critical Care Medicine
  • Dr. Hamaza Al Najjar, MD, Emergency Medicine.
  • Dr.Ahmed Al Otibi, NAEMT-P, Master, Phd
  • Ahmed El-Garf, OSHA Certified Trainer & Auditor
  • Faheem Hoosen, EMT – Paramedic
Region 5 Region 6
  • Dr Nnamdi Nwauwa, MD, MMsc, CCEMTP
  • Dr.Taghreed Al-Najjar, Critical Care Medicine
  • Dr. Hakim Elkholy, MD, Emergency Medicine, Fellow of American College of Surgeons
  • Dr.Ala’ Al-Rihani, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery, AHA INS
  • Dr. Rateb Abu Zaid, RN, Phd, EMS Simulation, EMS Faculty
  • Hussam Milhim, Simulation Laerdal specialist
  • Kenneth J. D’Alessandro, BS, MS EMS, EMT-P
  • Dr.Zulfiqar Ali, MD, Emergency Medicine


CMO to be advised

  • Paul CUNNINGHAM CCP Clinical Advisor/AREMT Dubai Training Director
  • Dheeraj KHATORE NREMT-P FCCP Clinical Advisor/Training Manager