Our Objectives and Principles

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Your professional EMT qualifications recognized within the Australia, Oceania, South East Asia, China, Middle East, Europe and UK Regions.

The Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians mission statement is to provide an internationally recognized Australian Registry of certified EMTs underpinned by current relevant Australian and international EMT qualifications and guidelines. The recognition of Industrial, private and Ambulatory EMTs.

AREMT has been operating as an independent Self Regulatory Registration Corporation sine 2004, as no Regulatory Authority exists in Australia for registration of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Personnel.

Since 2004 Industrial, Mining, Corporate and EMS Sector Organizations across Australia and International Borders have accepted AREMT. AREMT Registration criteria has been accepted where no formal Regulatory Authority exists.

AREMT procedures are aligned with many International EMS Regulatory Authorities.

A US NREMT Training Officer is on Staff and AREMT is registered with International Accreditation Bodies such as IARC and AAoCME.

AREMT aims to provide registered EMTs the ability to have their skills recognized in Australia and internationally with other overseas countries whose EMT organizations are affiliated with AREMT and have reciprocation with AREMT.

These objectives will be achieved by the following principles:

    • Utilizing transparent, valid, uniform process to assess knowledge and skills required to register and hold continuing registration with the AREMT.
    • Certification is based upon meeting the AREMT entry requirements, completing an application process, passing the written examination,practical assessment, paying the application fee and meeting the re-registration requirements.
    • Adapting to the changing health care environment by keeping pace with current EMT certification standards in Australia and overseas ensuring AREMT utilizes best practice expectations as a minimum standard.
    • Provide a variety of support, products and services to meet the needs of its customers valuing honesty and objectivity. We will provide excellent customer service and operate in an accessible, open and consensus building manner.
    • The AREMT will be flexible and innovative to support the EMS system and operate in a fiscally responsible method.