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flag-algeria2 MOSSC- Mediterranean Occupational Safety Security Consultantse


MOSSC brings world-class occupational safety, security, business consultancy and training services into the emerging economies of the North African Mediterranean regions. With vast experience in working in unstable corporate climates, MOSSC provides all of its clients with the necessary occuaptional safety, security and business managements tools to work in unstable and or emerging climates safely and consistently and in line with modern day business practices.

With a staff compliment of senior occupational safety, security and medical and management consultants, MOSSC offers a complete risk mitigation package to clients in the government, non-government, private and public sectors of the Mediterranean North African regions requiring accredited training and or consultancy services relating to occupational health, security, emergency medical or business management issues.

Vast experience in hostile countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya and accreditation as approved international training centers in safety security, medical and business related courses places MOSSC as the leader in risk mitigation, training and business management services in its region. Our highly diverse, motivated and dedicated international staff strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by embracing the highest standards of quality management, ensuring that our clients receive a value for money service which can be compared to the highest international standards.

Algiers, Algeria

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