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The Jordan Paramedic Society is a non-governmental, non-profit professional organization that is governed by a board of directors comprised of 10 representatives from all segments of the EMS community, as well as the public who are committed to public protection and quality patient care.

Founded in July 2012 as the Jordan Paramedic Association (JPA), the JPS is the national voice of emergency medical services (EMS) which supports EMS practitioners in providing high quality health care to patients. The JPA was transformed into the JPS in December 2012. The JPS has voluntary EMS professional members across Jordan.

Jordanian Paramedic Society – JPS
Amman, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


flag-jordan Jordan Association of EMS



The Jordan Association of EMS represents and supports the views and interests of our membership by Working Together as your Voice for EMS to promote education, share information, and facilitate legislative action.

A seamless nationwide network of coordinated and accountable country, regional and local EMS and emergency care systems. The systems use public health principles, data and evidence as a basis for safe and effective care in day-to-day operations as well as during catastrophic events.

JAEMS supports its members in developing EMS policy and oversight, as well as in providing vision, leadership and resources in the development and improvement , regional and local EMS and emergency care systems.

We achieve our mission by the participation of all the country and territories, by being a strong national voice for EMS, an acknowledged key resource for EMS information and policy, and a leader in developing and disseminating evidence-based decisions and policy.


– To promote the orderly development of coordinated EMS systems across the nation.
– To promote uniformly high quality care of acutely ill and injured patients.
– To provide a forum for the exchange of information and the discussion of common concerns among country EMS officials.
– To facilitate interstate cooperation in such areas as patient transfer, communications and reciprocity of EMS personnel.
– To disseminate pertinent information to our membership and others.
– To maintain ongoing and effective liaison with national governments, professional organizations, and other appropriate public and private entities.
– To improve the quality and efficiency of EMS program administration.
– To enhance the professional knowledge, skill and abilities of EMS officials and staff.
– To encourage research and evaluation in all areas of EMS.
– To serve as a permanent national advocacy group for EMS.

Nonprofit Status
The Jordan National Association of EMS Officials was formed in 2013 as non-profit organization authorized by Jordanian Ministry of Health.y.


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Phone: +962772080868
Amman – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan