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Plural Group

Founded in 2000, Plural Group is the management company to a select group of training and consultancy organisations who are based in the UK and operate on a global scale.  

Preceptory Medical International is a specialist medical training consultancy and a division of the Plural Group.

We are an affiliate of the AREMT and we are also approved and accredited by a number of other professional organisations such HSE, ELCAS and HABC. This in itself proves that our courses, trainers and management processes are audited and approved to current standards.

Our trainers are experienced and qualified within the medical field and have a range of backgrounds within the NHS, Ambulance Service and within the Military.    

Our trainers all currently work in these areas and can therefore speak directly from credible and current experience.

There are two key established areas within Preceptory:

1.  Tactical Medical Training – STORM DET (Special Tactical Ops Remote Medicine Detachment)
2.  Emergency Medical Training – MERT WING (Medical Emergency Response Team Wing).    

Please visit our websites for more information about us and the courses which we offer:

www.pluralgroup.co.uk and www.preceptorymedical.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 844 800 0906
e-mail: mail@pluralgroup.co.uk