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diver-logoInternational Training & Certification Agency – Serving the Diving Industry.

The ITDA Group International were originally the ITDA Group SCP based in Spain from 2002 and in 2004 became the “International Technical Diving Agency UK Ltd.” A business offering training and certification for the diving industry to International standards and UK HSE Government approved. This business was closed in 2008 and in 09 we became ITDA Europe Ltd.  In 2010 we reformed the UK business into the International Technical Diving Agency Ltd.  ITDA Europe Ltd. and the UK Business were integrated into the ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. (An IBC International Business Corporation) in 2010/11 although we maintain the International Technical Diving Agency Ltd. UK Company for UK and EU Business development as part of ITDA Group.

We were then and still are today, the ONLY training and certification agency in the diving industry to cover / offer, every aspect of diver training, from recreational diving novice (Entry Level Scuba) programs, to Technical Diving, Medical Training and Occupational / Commercial & Public Safety, Services and Professional diver training in the world.

As we developed our business, we moved into many other areas of Diving, Training and Education and also services and supplies…  So it made good economic sense to combine our acquired 5 Companies / businesses into one group… But maintaining the quality and individuality of those areas of business by operating them as “Divisions of ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd.  Includes:  SDA Sports Diving Agency Ltd (UK),  International Technical Diving AgencyLtd.  Strategic Global Training & Consultancy Ltd. (Oil & Gas Industries) and ITDA Europe Ltd.  These Companies are now all operating divisions of ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. (from 2011)

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