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Programme Overview

Providing clinical care in remote locations has its own unique challenges and requires specialist knowledge and skills. This course, delivered online at a distance, provides an opportunity for practising remote health professionals to gain a postgraduate qualification in this emerging specialty.

Programme Aims

The main aim of the programme is to provide health professionals working in remote, and in some instances potentially hazardous, locations the knowledge and skills to operate effectively in this environment using an evidence based approach.

To this end, students taking this programme will expect to:

  • Acquire and apply theoretical knowledge underpinning effective evidence based clinical care in remote environments
  • Explain and incorporate into clinical care the effects of specific physical environments on the health and well-being of remote workers

Target Group

This programme is aimed at health professionals working in remote and offshore locations internationally. It is intended that students can study part time, online while working.


elc logo for webThe College is an ELCAS Approved Learning Provider in the MoD Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) Scheme for both the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma programmes in Remote and Offshore Medicine. This means that service men and women in the armed forces will be able to apply for funding towards the cost of these programmes. Full details of the scheme can be found here:



The RCSEd DipROM Programme has also been accredited by the ACRRM (Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine) for the 2014 – 2016 triennium. The Programme has been awarded 30 Core Points on the ACRRM PDP points framework. Full details available at:



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